Saturday, January 15, 2011

This past year Aeryn!

Where to begin with this girl!? OK, she is now 3 years old. Very active and very much a GIRL! I mean she wears pink (voluntarily!) She likes to dress up in princess outfits all day long. She likes to pretend to cook and clean. I just wish she REALLY knew how! She broke her arm Nov. 6Th. She broke it while jumping on the bed at her grandma's house. She was pretty funny about it too. She almost had me convinced not to take her to the hospital because she kept saying "it's fine! I'm fine". When we asked her to squeeze our fingers she then turned and said "NO!" That was enough for me to take her in. After getting the cast and realizing it was supper hard..yeah she used it for evil! She would hit the walls, tables and not to mention her brothers with her new bionic arm! She was not very happy when the Dr. took it off.

This year Alex!

Well, Alex has done a bit this year. He had his usual sports stuff during the spring. He played football! He was thinking of joining wrestling till he saw the uniform! I don't blame him! He is still going to Thomas Edison Charter School in North Logan. It's a 24 mile ride round trip from school and home. He bought his first CD! Does my heart good to say it was "Journey"! Ahh the good old days. He just turned 11 this month and he is just a hair shorter than me but I feel like in the next few months he will be taller. Every chance he gets he tried to stand right next to me to see if he has still look up to meet my eyes! HE DOES!! SUCKER! The time just seems to be slipping away. I remember taking him home from the hospital and hoping I didn't mess him up too much. I hope I didn't. He seems like a pretty good kid.

WOW, it's been a long time since I have posted anything on our family blog. SO much has happened. Everyone is a year older now. Alex is now 11yrs old., Aeryn is 3 and baby Eli is 1 and going on 2 in April! Here are the lates of the kids!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Alex plays football

Alex has started football. At first he wasn't sure if he could handle the practices. After a week of practice he now says he loves it. His team has practice everyday for an hour and a half. He comes home tired, sweaty and happy. Don't know how that is possible but according to him it is. He has his first real game this Saturday so keep your fingers crossed that he survives it. He's position is defensive lineman. I feel kind of bad for the kids he will be pushing out of the way. He has about 15 lbs. on them. I will write soon let everyone know how it went. Have a good week!


Well, our little one is going to be 4 months old soon. Just last week he rolled over for the 1st time. He is doing really well. He sleeps through the night and that makes me very happy. He is the best baby in the world. He loves to smile and tries to talk all the time. He even laughed (out loud) a few weeks ago. He likes being entertained. Here is his latest picture. I will keep everyone updates on the this guy. He has gotten so big so fast!

Aeryn is now 2 YEARS OLD!!

Yes, you read correctly! My little girl is now 2 years old. It seems like yesterday that we were in Port Lavaca celebrating her first birthday. She had a good time at her party. Her birthday was on a Thursday so I made her Spongebob, "Spongie" (that is what she calls him), cupcakes. She loved them. She sang herself happy birthday and ate cake to the point of almost getting sick. She got a bike from her parents as a gift and a Spongebob outfit. Her big birthday party was on Saturday. I made her a "Spongie" cake and she had fun singing happy birthday to herself again. She may think her birthday is every other day now! I decided to show a few pictures of her party. Enjoy all!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ok, here are the latest pictures of Eli. He is over 5 weeks old now and looking more like me then ever (poor kid). Well, he was wide awake and took the opportunity to take his photo. He looked pretty happy about it or maybe indifferent. Well, when he is awake he is taking in as much as he can before the sleep takes over him. Sounds like me. He is tons better at sleeping at night. He sleeps about 3 hrs. at a time and only wakes up for 30 mins. to eat and off he goes back to sleepyville. I love this kid. Well, this is short and sweet. Have a great week and let me know how everyone is doing.